Fun fabric Lollipops, almost as good as the real thing. Though people who mistake them for the real thing will be probably most disappointed! 

These look great hung up in a tree or along the mantelpiece in a garland. Experiment with stripes or spots for a fantastic Christmas display.

They look particularly good with green, red and white stripes (or any combination of the 3) as it gives them that fresh minty look. 

Use them with the Candy Canes or Bon Bons in the previous blog posts to create a display good enough to eat!

(Apologies for the poor picture quality, the originals were lost when my laptop did the blue screen of death)

This is a freebie for the time being. I reserve the right to remove it at any point and may offer it as a paid pattern. Please do not share or re-sell the downloaded pattern itself, it remains the property of MotherGrimm under UK copyright laws. You may sell what you make under cottage licence terms.

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