Monthly:October 2021

Infinity scarf

Infinity scarf An infinity scarf with a twist. The twist helps it lie better when doubled up around the next and also helps keep it on the shoulders if worn as a shawl as below. This was originally in my FB group in the files until withdrawn. After a few requests, I have now included in this weeks freebie blog series for Christmas.  Download tutorial here     It can be made from a variety of fabrics – woven, faux […]

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Christmas Patchwork Stocking

Christmas Patchwork Stocking This pattern is based on the Victorian scrap quilt method. Where they’d use a mix of different scraps and quilt them together for an eclectic effect.  It’s a great way to use lots of random left over woven pieces and ribbons to create something useful for you, your family or for presents. It’s a good size, roomy stocking with lots of space for presents, oranges and sweets. Download tutorial here Download pattern pieces here As you can […]

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Lollipops Fun fabric Lollipops, almost as good as the real thing. Though people who mistake them for the real thing will be probably most disappointed!  These look great hung up in a tree or along the mantelpiece in a garland. Experiment with stripes or spots for a fantastic Christmas display. Download Lollipop tutorial here Download Lollipop pattern here They look particularly good with green, red and white stripes (or any combination of the 3) as it gives them that fresh […]

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Fabric Bon Bon

Fabric Bon Bons Little fabric Bon Bon sweets – a perfect use for little scraps of fabric.  Filled with the right type of scent, they are also perfect to put into drawers to keep clothes smelling fresh and repel moths. You can also just use toy stuffing and have them unscented. They also make fun decorations around the house and double up as produce for toy kitchens! Download Bon Bons tutorial here   This tutorial gives the dimensions to make […]

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Candy Canes

Candy Canes Candy canes always look delightfully festive on the tree, or around the house as decorations. Unfortunately they can sometimes be too tempting for little hands or paws (looking at my dog right here!!!), so I created a pattern to get all the festivity with none of the chewed up canes spat out by a thieving hound. This pattern will allow you to make your own long lasting ones from fabric, they can be scented or unscented. Striped or […]

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