Rowan Tree Basic/Close fit difference explanation

Rowan Tree Turtleneck Top -

Difference between close and basic fit

This top comes in two fit versions; Close and Basic.

The body and neckline is the same on both. The difference is in the body arm scye and sleeve shapes.

As you can see from the example picture, the close fit is smaller in the arm scye area and is a closer fit in the sleeves area. It just has wearable ease in the arm scye area.

The basic fit has ease of around 2-3cm dpending on age and fabric choices (it increases with age).

If the wearer is close to the arm scye measurements for their height and/or prefers a looser fit top, then I would advise you use the basic fit.

If the wearer is at the lower end of the arm scye measurement for their height and/or prefers a closer fit top, then I advise you use the close fit version.

There is a Lookbook for each version on the website listings as well as the examples here.

Close fit top examples

Basic fit top examples – same models

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